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Gift of English, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity formed by Dennis and Jackie Risinger for the purpose of providing English language education for orphans and other deserving children in Mexico.  The following is a brief history of how and why it was formed.

As Dennis and I were approaching retirement age we began to travel more.  A family member has a home in San Miguel de Allende, MX and we went there for a visit.  We loved the beauty of the town and the friendly people.  After a number of trips there we visited an orphanage/girl’s home and began to bring them needed items such as shoes, blankets, etc

This was rewarding, but we longed to do something of lasting value.  Finally it occurred to us that it would be great if there was a program for financially disadvantaged children who wanted to learn English.  This would give them a marketable skill in a town where many Americans and other English speaking people live.  Fortunately, we found a good English School in San Miguel run by Josefina Hernandez, who offered to teach the children at a discounted price.  Dennis’ co-workers and our church friends wanted to be a part of this endeavor and they sponsored a child, or children, and Gift of English was launched in 2006.  We have been blessed by the many beautiful and inspiring success stories in the lives of the kids who wanted to learn and have persevered.

Quite unexpectedly, Dennis became ill in the Fall of 2014 and was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  Sadly, he passed away in April of 2015, but his vision for the program lives on and the program continues at Josefina’s school as well as at the St. Julia Girl’s Home campus .  The new Directors, Billy Tiblets in the United States and Rod Dye in Mexico, have kept the program going.

Today, there are many children from the girl’s home as well as other disadvantaged children who want to come into the Gift of English Program, but they do not have sponsors.   Would you consider sponsoring one of these kids, or making a donation to the program?