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Sponsor a Child

Would you consider sponsoring a child or children?  We have a waiting list of children who need sponsors.

A small monthly scholarship contribution of $35.00 USD per month will provide an opportunity for one of these children to receive English language education.  The opportunity to learn English will make a huge difference in the life of each child, and it truly will be the “gift that keeps on giving” for the rest of their life.

To become a sponsor, please send an e-mail to giftofenglish@gmail.com or call:

Billy Tiblets at 817-822-3453 (USA)


Rod Dye at 415-120-2117 (MX) or 813-435-1068 (USA)

Berenice , who was living in one of San Miguel’s Children’s Homes for girls, is a student in the Gift of English Program. When she turned 19 years old, she found a job at a luxury hotel in San Miguel and was able to leave the Children’s Home and go out on her own. She was one of over 20 applicants for her new job and she was told that one of the main reasons she was chosen was because of her ability to speak and understand the English language.