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The Gift of English® Program

In order to help them improve their lives and break out of the cycle of poverty they find themselves in through no fault of their own, the Gift of English program provides English language education for orphans and other deserving children who could not otherwise afford private lessons.

We believe that by learning the English language these children will be better prepared to take care of themselves when they have to go out on their own. In Mexico, you are more likely to find good jobs if you are Bilingual, especially in areas like San Miguel de Allende where a large number of English speaking people live and visit.

The Gift of English program is more than just a loving gift for the children. It requires their hard work and effort also. We have seen how they gain in self esteem and confidence as they make progress in learning the English language. To paraphrase an old saying, “This really is a gift that will keep on giving – for a lifetime.”

It is our hope and prayer that in addition to learning English the students will come to know the love and concern of the people who support the Gift of English program and to know that there are many people who truly care for them and their welfare.

We also pray that those who support the program will experience the joy and excitement of knowing they are a valuable part of the lives and futures of these children.

We believe that God loves these children dearly and desires their very best in life. We pray this program will be a channel of God’s love for them.